Sports & Entertainment Review (SER)

The University of South Carolina’s Department of Sport and Entertainment Management and FiT Publishing are pleased to announce the launch of Sport & Entertainment Review, a peer-reviewed journal that will be published beginning in February 2015.

Sport & Entertainment Review (SER), which will be published electronically three times per year (February, June, October), is the preferred journal of the Sport Entertainment & Venues Tomorrow Conference, hosted by the University of South Carolina’s Department of Sport and Entertainment Management. The department previously published the Journal of Venue and Event Management, but have decided to change the scope and format of the journal while rebranding it as SER.

The mission of SER is to become the outlet for the best new ideas for people creating, leading, and transforming sport and entertainment organizations and businesses. SER seeks to be one of the world’s leading journals on publishing cutting-edge, authoritative thinking on the key issues facing executives in the world of sport and entertainment.

Choose an SER issue. Click to display the issue and its list of articles. The issue index is in the format Volume:Issue

1:1   February, 2015
1:2   June, 2015
1:3   October, 2015
2:1 February, 2016
2:2 June, 2016
2:3 October, 2016
3:1 February, 2017
3:2 June, 2017
3:3 October, 2017
4:1 February, 2018
4:2 June, 2018
4:3 October, 2018